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Wedding Costs

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    Just a few comments about weddings and wedding cakes.
      #1.  Whatever you think something should cost, it’s double just because it’s a wedding.
      #2.  Daughter’s engagement was not unexpected or unwanted, just came at a very bad time.
      #3.  Wedding planning was done very quickly, and while Mom (me) was living in Michigan, Dad was in Minnesota, and wedding is going to be held in St.
    Louis.  We tried to have a budget “meeting”, which ended with tears and yelling.  Husband and I never had a chance to really sit down and figure out what we could afford and how much we planned on spending.  She wanted to get things planned NOW because three weeks after graduation/engagement, she started a job in Oklahoma City.    Throw in a mother-in-law to be that loves her new “daughter” and is having fun planing the wedding (and lives in St.
    Louis).  And a Dad that is living by himself until our house sells and feels very “out of the loop”, plus never could tell her tell his baby “no”.  And that’s how you end out with a $750 wedding cake.
      P.S.  Which Grandma is paying for.



    My wedding cake was made by a talented family member it was beautiful and tasty!.As pretty as most wedding cakes are they don’t taste $700+.
    Some wedding companies lend you a fake cake and only the top layer is real the rest gets cut in the kitchen.
    My in laws wanted us to have a pot luck but I really would have just eloped if that happened.
    We ended up having a really nice meal at a small family owned restaurant afterworlds instead of getting catering.
    The money we saved allowed us to go on a honeymoon.

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