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Unclaimed money

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    Just a quick post to tell everyone to search for unclaimed money in any state they have lived in.  Go to the official website for your state.  Not one of the Joe Schmo sites.  We just found $135.00 unclaimed in my late FIL’s name.    Cassie  Get paid for signing up for offers and sampling products  [MOD EDIT: URL removed]



    Cassie, About 2 years ago I saw Inside Edition and they were talking about unclaimed money…
    I looked it up and come to find out I had a paycheck from Denny’s Restaraunt from 15yrs ago…
    I sent it in and received a $250.00 check.
    I was very surprised as well.
    You never know what you might have.
    Congrats Cassie! Mike Be a better pen pal.



    Well bummer! None for me, but one of my brothers and my father both have an undisclosed amount owed to them.  I’ll have to call and have them search.
      Angela Read about my journey toward being debt free [MOD EDIT: URL removed]



    Wow We looked last night and there is over 100.00 for my DH …and another one over 100.00 for his deceased father who he is the only child and can claim it as well….Gotta get the paperwork filled out and find some documents to prove who he is and it will be on it’s way….we have NO idea what either one would be…will keep ya posted.



    Normally the website is the state’s name.gov, ( for example, [MOD EDIT: URL removed]



    I don’t know why.
    But this made me look at it for relatives.
    I was doing living relatives so I could tell them good news “HEY YOU HAVE MONEY SOMEWHERE” but then thought “why stop there?” so I looked at another side of the family that has virtually all died off.
    I found some unclaimed money from a great uncle of mine that died decades ago.
    As far as I know, I am the only living kin to him- he was never married, never had kids- he is my grandma’s brother.
    My grandma just had one child- my dad-gone.
    And my dad just had one child- MOI.
    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Wonder if I could claim it? And how hard it would be to prove all of this.
    It isn’t like I was super close to him so I didn’t know a bunch of details.
    I just knew he took care of my grandma’s farm in NE.
    Thoughts? I’d hate for the state to just keep it.
    I’m sure he’d want me to have it instead of them.

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