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Tomato plants

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    I’m sure this is local, but it wouldn’t hurt to check: We went to Lowes to buy plants and they had a couple of racks of clearance plants.
    They had an entire rack of tomato plants for $.50 each.
    I even bought one that has a nice, green tomato on it!! They look pretty healthy to me.
    FYI: we are fixing up our house to sell and got about $100 worth of plants for $20 at the clearance section.
    I didn’t see anything wrong with them, either!! They still have a 1-yr warranty too! Ashley in TN who has to get her hands dirty today!



    WTG! I picked up two cherry trees this time last year for $25 each from the clearance section for my dh for father’s day.
    They flowered beautifully this spring and I am starting to see cherries.



    Hmm…I may have to visit Lowe’s this weekend…
    You’re selling *another* house? I still need to clear all the bushes in my backyard and plant a garden.
    Eldred — “There is one thing that 99 percent of ‘failures’ and ‘successful’ folks have in common — they all hate doing the same things.
    The difference is that successful people do them anyway.” -Darren Hardy



    Lowe’s does that here too, California.
    I’m having a ball, their clearance racks in the nursery dept are sometimes up front but almost always toward the back.
    I found that the clerks aren’t able to go below $1 when the person in charge of mark downs is not there but I have found several things for only a dime when she has done it.
    I bought two large hanging baskets of strawberries for ten cents each.
    They were pretty rough looking but I thought I could use the baskets, after I got them home I was thrilled to find under all the brown leaves were little green leaves still pushing up and struggling to make it.
    I pulled them apart and planted them.
    I’ve gotten grapes, berries, squash, gerbena daisies, foxglove, guara, african violets, another bright sunflower looking perenial and yesterday bought really nice azaleas for $1 a piece.
    Also found two huge bags of Miracle Grow potting mix with a very slight hole in the bag, very little if any had
    spilled and I got them for half price.
      I also always walk through the succulent area, another favorite of mine.
    I DO NOT ever break anything off any plant anywhere but if I see a little leaf on the floor I will take it home and they will grow from almost nothing.
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    No, this is the first house I personally have sold.
    I’ve helped my dad sell his and asked for a lot of advice.
    Plus I had to fix my broken house (that I’m selling) 2 years ago.
    We went back to Lowe’s and the Mater Plants were all marked down to $.25 each.
    Even though we had the bikes, I picked up 4 more!! I guess it’s a good thing we didn’t have a car, I probably would have more tomato plants than I ever need!

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