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The added challenge is starting to look good

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    While talking to dh he said “oh by the way I have to work all day tomorrow.”  It seems the client wants drawings by Monday morning for all the measurements he’s been doing this week.  We are talking probably 10 or more hours of OT.  Time and a half YES!   I also mentioned I was considering putting the ‘voo stuff up for sale and he told me to do it.  Then he started listing things I didn’t realize we still had.  Including his fancy party clothes for the French and Indian War time period.  Hmmm, I wonder if Wooden Hawk still takes consignment.  We are talking brocade waistcoat, tapestry Thomas Jefferson style jacket, knee pants…all in mountain man sizes hmmm.  I just may get that other dr bill and Lowe’s paid off by the last of March yet…If not we may do a walk in at the Mountain man encampment at Wooloroc Museum in April and set up a one day trade blanket, wearing our older worn out clothing.
    Jan who now has dh fired up about this challenge too in OK   Handmade greeting cards [MOD EDIT: URL removed]

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