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Taxes Freecycle and Coupons

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    I am a moderator of one of the largest moderators.  Here is what I have read:   Giving things to other Freecycle members is NOT tax deductible.  Giving money to the Freecycle.org organization IS deductible.  However, if a non-profit posts a request on Freecycle and you give it to them, then it is deductible.  (For example, if I give a regular member a wheelchair, it is not deductible.  If I give a church a wheelchair, then it is deductible.)   Be careful before you request coupons on Freecycle.  Many forums do not allow coupons at all.  Many other forums allow Offers but not Wanteds.
      As a former Coupon Queen, my suggestions for getting a lot of coupons are to put the word out that you are looking for coupons.  You can buy them on e-bay.  And (whispering) if you have an unmanned recycle center, you can sometimes get coupons that way from the newspaper bin.  Not that I would know.
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