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    They are blowing smoke on a repo of a computer.  They don’t want the equipment back, they won’t even pay someone to come to your house, knock on your door, risk getting shot (the repo man likes to do his work under cover of darkness and anomynity) to retrieve something you might have already pawned.  They won’t repo your computer!   The fact that its in collections is hurting your credit, its not going to get any worse “hurt”  A car getting repossessed is a different story as is a house in foreclosure.  My suggestion would be to work to save your house first, then your car and then work with Dell.
      Sharon H.
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    My first instinct would be to sell the laptop for $1200, which would cover Dell.
    How much time did they give you? Do you also own a desktop? Patricia



    All of that is collector techniques that they have been taught.  They aren’t smart enough, nor paid enough to rationalize like you or I would.  They have to go by a script which is designed to make them say No to you, and get the highest amount of money from you at the same time.  I wouldn’t worry about them taking you to court over 2400.00 the amount isn’t big enough to warrant it.  But they will welcome the invitation to call you daily to bug you about it.
      So, you set up your own payment plan with them, you put it in writing, you send it certified to them and you work your plan! When you write them, tell them that the only way in which they can legally contact you is through letter and US Postal Mail.   Whatever you do, don’t EVER write them a check (they will copy the numbers down and start automatically debiting your account), Don’t ever give them access to your checking account!  Send them a money order every month!   You might set up a plan with them, but first things first, your house and your car, then deal with them.
    The damage is already done if its on your report as a collection.
      Sharon H.
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    Dawn,   Just like a car, it is better to sell it
    and take a loss or pay the remainder than have a repo on your credit.  I would
    try to sell the laptop for the 50% offer price on ebay or craigslist or a local
    penny saver type magazine and give that to Dell instead of letting them repo



    Ahhh…imagining that irresistible “new car” smell? Check out

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