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Stepping out on another limb

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    Well, I’ve put my story out there for the world to see.
    This should also act as accountablility for me.
    And, maybe it will help somebody else realize that they’re heading for a financial disaster…
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    WTG Eldred!  That was a very brave thing to do.    Hopefully it will help keep you on track.
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    Please do not feel like we are laughing at ya, in fact I see alot of me in your circumstances.
    Maybe we all should come out and be accountable for our debt…
      Congrats on taking the leap of faith….
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    No laughter here, Eldred.
    One day you will be debt-free and you’ll be able to look back with pride at how far you’ve come.
    It takes a lot of courage to put your story out there.
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    all I have to say is WOW, and what a great job you are doing getting it all together and trying to pay it off.
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