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So how is everyone doing

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    Anybody have any successes that they can share to encourage? Anybody have any struggles that they want to share?



    I have a success/setback.
    I had saved up $500 (BIG thing for me…
    I’m horrible at saving) using the budgeting tool, when my cat (before I continue: I am 29 years old, no kids, I’ve had my cat for 11 years, and he IS my baby…
    and he will never do drugs or borrow my car, so this is a win-win for me) got a cough.
    Thought it was a hairball, but it lasted 4 days.
    Finally took him to the vet, and he had bronchitis, tapeworms, and an enlarged heart.
    The visit and his prescriptions cost $480.
    So, bad news: I’m back at square one.
    Good news: because of the budgeting I had the money to help my cat.
    Without the budgeting, I wouldn’t have been able to afford to take him to the vet, much less treat him for stuff.
    And I didn’t have to borrow money from my parents (which I haven’t had to do yet, but I would have gone to them instead of a credit card
    they don’t charge interest ;-) ).
    I just got the envelope binder thingy from Dave’s site.
    I think its $19.95, but I think I got 2 for $29.95 (I gave one to my mom, who just declared bankrupcy).
    Its not cheap, obviously, but I LOVE it and it fits in my purse.
    I’m an organizer freak, so this gives me my fix for this year so I don’t have to spend my $75+ a year I typically spend at the Franklin Covey store.
    And I opened an IRA (I’m self-employed, so no 401k).
    I only have $100 in it, but its a huge kick for me (I had one several years ago when I was making big bucks at a dot com as a web developer, but had to cash it out to…
    you guessed it…
    pay bills after I was laid off).
    Its a Roth IRA, so I’m putting both my retirement savings and my home savings in there…
    and I can’t touch it.



    Anybody have any successes that they can share to encourage?      We have our baby EF done and finished FPU.
        Christmas spending will NOT be over budget this year!     Hubby just decided to take a promotion on night shift to increase pay to offset my nursing school expenses.
    Anybody have any struggles that they want to share?            Still having a hard time with budgeting and haven’t paid off much debt.
    We NEED to reduce expenses, including our kids extracurricular activities, but are haveing a hard time.
    My daughter is in hign school and on a select softball team.
    That alone is expensive.
      Cyndi R  



    Cindi, I can relate to about the kids
    activities.  It’s a tough decision because you want the kids to be
    physically active, learn to manage their time, and other things.  We have 2
    boys who will be playing travel baseball this spring with one team going to
    Cooperstown , NY for a tournament in July.  We have $700 in baseball related expenses due this
    month alone.  The good news is that includes registration fees, so it isn’t
    that amount every month!   Another struggle that I have is getting dh
    to sit down and discuss the finances with me.  He agreed months ago that I
    would take over the day to day stuff like paying bills, but hasn’t made
    the time to ‘hand it over’ to me.    For a success…I want to start FPU at
    my church.  I knew I faced an uphill battle because Crown Ministries is also
    taught and strongly supported by the Sr.
    Minister.  I now have received the ok
    from him to present it to the Adult Ministries Council and need to get that
    presentation together and get on their meeting agenda.  I had hoped to start
    the classes in January, but have been told that’s not possible.    Pam  



    Pam,     I’m glad to see others understand where I’m coming from w/travel ball! Jazzi’s (DD14) softball fees are just $400.
    Yeah, I know just…
       But that includes her 2 uniforms, bat bag & helmet along w/tourn.
    Most of her tournaments are local so we won’t have to do overnights.
      Both girls are also taking private weekly batting lessons @$20 ea.
    from a college coach.
    We are on a hiatis during the holidays and really bad weather.
       Also, our public schools are in financial disaray (I’m thinking of recomending The Ramsey Way to them hehehe), so all sports are pay-to-play.
    And NOT cheap!!! High school is $300 and Jr.
    High is $150!!!    I HAVE limited their participation in school sports.
    DD14 (HS) is only going to play softball & vollyball, and DD12 (jr High) is only going to play soccer and try out for softball.The coaches were REALLY wanting DD14 to try out for basketball but I didn’t encourage it because I knew she would make it and she would have.
    That tore me up!    I’m starting nursing school next month and DH took a promotion at work w/a shift change to help pay for that.
    I am also continuing to work full time to cover our bills and keep from limiting the kids activities any more.    DD 14 babysits and I think I will have her contirbute and have DD12 “earn” toward her extra expenses also.
    Maybe they will appreciate the things they do more then.
        Sorry so long!!!   Cyndi R  

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