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Side benefits of spring cleaning

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    Whooo, hoo!  I’m having a good day as I clean out drawers and such.  In the night stand drawer I found nearly $5 in change—how handy since payday is tomorrow.
      Even better, I decided to move dh’s folded laundry out from the drawers under the bed to a chest on chest in the bedroom and while cleaning out a drawer I found a bunch of patterns I would have swore got lost in the last basement flood.  Apparently I had them upstairs to work on them when the flood hit.    Anyway, the patterns I was going to have to replace to make some things I want for the house out of the fabric in the basement were in that drawer.  Even more exciting were three multi-pattern, patterns for clothing for me, that I’ve never even opened where there.  For those of you that don’t sew, I’ll put a dollar amount on this.
    What I found was the equivalent of $50 in purchase value.  So, so far in my little excursion through the bedroom I’ve found $55 worth of keep stuff that I would have had to come up with the money for soon, and numerous things I’ve already listed for sale.
      Even better, I’m not even half way through the main room and goodness knows what those to huge closets hold…Jan who thinks this is going to be a busy weekend in OK   Handmade greeting cards [MOD EDIT: URL removed]



    I use to go there a lot !!!    Keisha, you are not too far from me.
    I am about an hour from Statesville.
    We live in Sparta.
    Shelley   I am between Statesville and Hickory NC.:) Get together !!!!!   I have family in the LA area and its about time I visit them.  My cousin has been asking for a while…   I plan to do so when I come to Vegas   Sharon H.
      [MOD EDIT: URL removed]

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