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    Dh’s company is offering pre-paid legal for $16 per month to their employees (ds could also get it for an additional $16 per month).  Under it dh could get a standard will for free and my will would be $20 for a standard.
    After that it would be 25% off for them, basic estate planning is free as well.  There are a lot of other things dh gets for free too (2 letters per year, free will updates etc and a lot more with mine being at a discount).
      The problem is the word is standard.  Our wills could possibly be considered a little more than standard.
    We have two children (both adults) and it would not be an exact 50/50 split for numerous reasons I won’t go into right now and some other slight legal complications.  So going to the legal form website DR recommends probably wouldn’t work for our needs either.
      As far as assets go we currently have: The ranch—90 acres(still mortgaged, everything else is free and clear) Property in AZ (2.5 acres) Lake Property here in OK (2.5 acres) Several small oil royalties and mineral rights  (mine—need to get it fixed where dh would get them if I died before him, plus I need the stipulation that if I should inherit anything after my death from db or old estates that it go to them—long story, just know that it’s important that gets added in) Jewelry, several  good pieces Fifth wheel Truck Household goods, including some antiques Livestock Tractor and other farm equipment Miscellaneous other items.
      We’ve already got all our brokerage, savings, checking, etc accounts on payable on death to first the spouse and then the kids.
      So needless to say in this complicated tax ridden world we need legal advice on both our wills and estate planning.  We are just wondering if the pre-paid legal is the way to go for right now, would it be the best financial way to go.  I’m 60 (61 January 6 th ) and dh will be 63 Feb 28.  My folks died young, I’ve already surpassed the age my mother died at by four years so a will and estate planning NEEDS to be done NOW.
      We can cancel the pre-paid legal at any time and it goes into affect the day we make the first payment.  We’re leaning toward doing it and getting our Legacy drawer fixed asap.
    But not certain it’s the best idea.  Opinions? Anyone know what DR says about pre-paid?   Jan who thinks she knows the answer, but isn’t certain in OK     BOOKS: [MOD EDIT: URL removed]



    Of course you know the answer ;) but to reinforce…
    would you like to be assigned to whatever low end law clerk isn’t busy @ the moment & pay monthly for the privlege? How much would that pre-paid stuff cost you & your heirs if they did something wrong? What incentive do they have to make sure it’s right? Please just save up the cash & go to an experienced legal professional with refferences you can trust.
    Many blessings, Carla



    I can agree on that legal assts don’t have much power Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

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