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New here and have questions

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    I’m new here but have been lurking for a few months.
    I just read the Wallet Doctors book on the total money makeover and Hubby and i are more than ready to pay off old debts.
    I looked over my credit reports from last summer but have lost some of them and I want to get another credit report so will do so on-line….we are about close to five thousand dollars behind in old debts.
    I saw on the credit report that i still owe for an old cell phone from back in 19n95! I did pay the credit collector but never kept the receipt and got another bill for the same account and paid it again and then realized i already paid it.
    Why is this still shoing up on the credit report? It was a bill that came in the mail from a collection agency.
    Are all of the credit collection agencies legit? I am worried now about who i sed the bills to.
    When i get the new credit report, should i just look on it and call a phone number to see who i would send the payments to or what? Thanks for any help you can give.
    I so excited about paying off old debts and becoming debt free but who to pay has me nervous right now.



    Look up “debt validation” on Google.
    Before you ever pay one of those collections, you need to take steps to ensure that they can offer you valid proof that you owe the bill.
    Try to pay the original creditor if you can.
    Pay a collection agency as last resort.
    Be prepared to be very, very organized on these things – if you have your ducks in a row, you will often find that it really pays off.



    I have a question for everyone.
    I am so scared right now.
    I got a letter last week from a lawyer stating that I am being sued by Citibank.
    I called my life insurance co.
    to cancel the policy and get the cash to pay them off (i have other life ins and no dependents or spouse).
    but the next day i received a summons for court in 4 days from now.
    They did not give me enough time to fill out the paperwork and get the money.
    Has anyone had to go to court after a judgement was issued.
    Please tell me how you did it.
    I am sick over this.
    I will have the money in full once i get the check from the ins co.
    ‘ Thanks



    Thank you for letting me know about the debt validation.
    I will look it up and see what i can find.



    Unfortunately, hubby and I went through this just recently.
    The big thing to do right now is not panic.
    Show up at the hearing with copies of your bills and your pay stubs.
    Explain that you will be paying off the debt when the expected money comes in.
    The judge will probably give you a continuance or something to allow that to happen.
    It’s really important to show up and be honest.
    If you don’t, Citibank will get an automatic judgment against you and they will garnish your wages.
    Good luck! Chrissey



    -Hi there.
    I can’t really help, although I am sure there are peoplein this forum that can help you.
    I was served with papers that stated a judgement had been filed against me several months ago.
    However, nothing has happened since then, and I have received no court papers.
    I know there are ways to vacate judgements…..it sounds to me that it may be a good time to retain legal services or to call legal aid…..i things may not be as dire as it now seems…
    I am surprised that you were only given four days after receipt of the papers…
    I just wanted to say that these type of things ARE so scary and that is why I like having the the Wallet Doctor forum available to me…
    but I think talking to an attorney about your situation may ease your mind and give you options….they aren’t going to throw you in jail, and they would probably rather have your money that have you file for bankruptcy….
    anyhow, I know I am not much help but just wanted to say I feel for you and I hope it all works out and that you can get through this….Okay? Best, Jane



    I would either show up in court and explain the situation or try to ask for a continuance and/or try and negotiate with the party that prepared the suit to try and get the judgment vacated in return for payment of a agreed amount and follow through with the court or county clerk to make sure the creditor does what they tell you they will do.
    Be sure to get all agreements in writing! I have a question for everyone.
    I am so scared right now.
    I got a letter last week from a lawyer stating that I am being sued by Citibank.



    This is good to know because I just sent out two letters this week requesting validation-I’m curious to see what they do.
    Interesting that one account is legit but the ones collecting or attempting to are not so..
    I googled them and they are on the receiving end of numerous lawsuits regarding FDCPA issues.
    But the debt I do owe..
    I just dont think they are really in a position to collect maybe.
    The other I am not certain is a legitimate debt or that I owe the amount stated but the agency trying to collect seems or looks legit on all outward appearances and I am not pulling up anything negative on them.
    I would be interested to hear from others who have requested “debt validation” from these agencies and what has happened.
    Its interesting and something I only recently discovered but it makes sense that they should be able to prove to you that they purchased the debt from the original creditor or they were assigned to collect it on behalf of the original creditor etc.
    I am getting notices that have alot of vague statements on them like “we’ve been forwarded your debt at such and such bank by our client”- excuse me? Anyone can look at my credit report and come up with that!! Who is the unnamed “client”? Am I right in assuming that if they could legitimately collect the debt they would say “we have been assigned by such and such bank(my original creditor) to collect this account” or maybe “thru an agreement with such and such bank we now own this debt and are seeking to collect” or anything like that? The one letter bugs me because I’ve had collection action against me before for medical bills and the legit ones dont seem to threaten so much as they can and have the ability to resolve it.
    Its the ones who are trying to scam who do all the huffin and puffin and threatening and intimidation that really dont have a leg to stand on.
    This is just what I’ve experienced with collection action regarding medical accounts and such.
    Not credit cards and other things.
    And then last summer my DH was scammed by a junk debt collector or unscrupulous debt collector and when that occurred I started to research and found out that we were taken by this collector..
    as the statute of limitations had run out number one and worse..
    we started the clock ticking again by paying them.
    This was a medical debt that we had no clue was even out there.
    We managed to remove it from his credit report..
    thats how old and invalid it was but then started the clock again with this loser scum attorney so its back on again but a different amount because of what we paid.
    Anyway, I’m curious to know how others have handled this type of thing and I’ve learned thus far I will not just pay up no matter the threats until I’m satisfied they can actually collect from me.



    well I have’nt been sued yet thankfully but I would say dont cash in your life insurance to pay them.
    If you have then take that money and just keep it at the ready for your living expenses.
    Let them try to garnish your wages and such first.
    You might not have to pay if they wont pursue it.
    From what I’ve read just because they won a judgement it does’nt mean much.
    I’m not sure how it all works and I can understand you being scared for sure.
    But dont forget to plan ahead for yourself.
    You are still entitled to live and keep a roof over your head and food in your belly etc.
    If you’ve cashed in the life insurance then put it to work for you in terms of paying your rent or house payment in advance, your utilities in advance, phone, internet, health and car insurance etc etc.
    pay all this stuff instead and stock pile food etc, then if they win and then are able to garnish your wages you still have your necessities taken care of so you can ride it out.
    I dont know if I’m correct but even if they garnish your wages they can only take a percentage because you are still entitled to a certain amount to live on so start planning now and beat them to the punch! letter last week from a lawyer stating that I am being sued by Citibank.



    We tried for years to get proof of an account that showed up on our credit report as a judgement We tried the CC company and collectin atty and even the county that had the judgement.
    We NEVER got served anything and The county said they did not have anything and the CC company (Chase) kept saying we had to talk to the collection people.
    They kept saying they would get us proof and copy of bills but never heard anything no matter how many times they said they would do it.
    When we moved we got a ” personal delivery” from the pd ( when he finally decided to deliver it as he just had it in his car and kept forgetting)and it was that same CC popping up again.
    We went through the same whole routine again.
    They would constantly call and harass us but never gave us proof and we asked and asked.
    FINALLY, without my hubby being told by employer they garnished his wages! What gall but it has been paid- They then wanted us to pay their atty fees!!!!! but my hubby lost his job so they couldn’t garnish for those.
    Is there anyway we can go back after them for never giving us the proof???



    by law, they have to give you proof of the debt or it is not valid.
    Thomas & Tracy

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