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Lowering interest rates

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    Has anyone had any luck calling credit card companies and getting their interest rate lowered? I have a decent credit score (678) and none of my bills are ever late.
    I thought about calling the companies and mentioning that I was thinking about switching my balance to cards with lower rates. I have a few Mastercards/Visas with rates over 21%.
    Thanks!   Amy Kagey



    Yes I have.
    I had one at 21.99%.
    I called them and the lowered it to 19.9% over the phone.
    I said I wanted it lower.
    The clerk said they can only lower it a certain percentage every few months, I forget how many.
    I would up using a balance transfer the next month for 9.9%.
    I would try.
    The worst they can do is say no.
    I have also misplaced a bill and have been late.
    I called them and explained why I was late.
    They will drop one late fee, but tell you if it happens again they won’t.
    I have had over the limit fees dropped too.
    I just called them, ask them how much I was over, and paid that plus a little.
    NR daisy test’; “



    I have called a couple cards and got the rate lowered and some offered to let me consolidate at a lower rate.
    Just call them, tell em you have several cards at a high rate and you want to consolidate and lower your rate.
    Don’t take the first offer unless it is zero on both rates for over a year.
    jim Wolfe — Life is full of obstacle illusions

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