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Lisa from Richmond TX

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    Hi everybody! I’m a single mom, in debt, and reading Total Money Makeover.
    I took on a ton of debt in my divorce several years ago, and worked very hard to get just about all of it paid off.
    Unfortunately, the last 2 years have been rough.
    My daughter has been hospitalized 3 times, and I was diagnosed with cancer so have medical bills out the wazoo! I have a huge student loan debt, and some credit card debt.
    I truly want to get on top of this!! I’ll be 40 next year and want myself and my kids to live better, and I want to be able to enjoy retirement someday! I’m looking forward to being part of the forum and learning from everybody.
    I don’t know if anyone here is doing the baby steps, but I’m at pre-step one: Getting $1000 squirrelled away.
    Lisa in Richmond, TX



    Hi Lisa, Dh and I are currently on the same step as you we have about 400 of the 1000 dollars so far but murphy is about so progress is slow!! We are in wales, uk.



    Hi Lisa, Welcome! You have read the book and started working on the babysteps, that will make everything easier.
    We are here if you need support with your journey out of debt.
    — Angela Read about my journey toward being debt free [MOD EDIT: URL removed]



    Welcome, Lisa.  A lot of us here are on the baby steps.
      I was a single mother like you when I worked Baby Steps 1 and 2.  It can seem like a long, hard road but it can be done.
      A lot of folks on here will have encouragement and great ideas for you.
      Christy “Well-behaved women never make history.”
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