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    There’s always going to be things that you want to do and places that you want to go, and things that you want to buy – but if you can’t afford it, you just can’t afford it – no excuses or emotions!! You need to stick together and support what is best for you, your marriage and your family! Best friends are very important!! Your Marriage and your family being free and out of the clutches of debt is very, very important…
    If you can’t make the wedding, plan on making the birth of their first child!! If your friends know that you love them and really want to be there if you could – then they will respect you and your decision to take care of your family and do what’s best for your family! Don’t sell your friendship short – it’s what being friends is all about – supporting each other at every corner!!! Good-luck in your big decision and hope all works out! smiles and blessings, Misty :o )



    Wow, I really appreciate all the feedback.
    This is such an awesome forum and the support means so much.
    I will keep y’all posted on what we end up doing.
    The wedding is on July 8, so we don’t have a lot of time.
    Either way, this is exciting and a whole lot better than mindlessly going with the emotions and charging the trip on a credit card.
    Whether we go or not, it is a valuable learning experience.
    If we go, it will be because we figured out a way to raise the money, which means we can apply that same principle towards debt reduction, If we don’t go it will be a good reminder that debt will cost you the things you cherish the most.
    She is already very mad at this debt thing and she swears she is done with credit cards for good.
    Now if I could just get her to stay mad…
    that’s a whole other challenge.
    thing in the world but keep in mind that your best friend’s wedding IS really important.
    I am certainly not advocating going crazy and incurring a lot of debt but I do think that it is important for your wife to at least attend.
    I think you mentioned the wedding is in June so you have around 4-5 weeks to get it together.
    Also, instead of a Hotel, is there someone who lives in the are who she could stay with? Here are some things you could do to earn money…
    for your wife to not leave the baby) money into a Best Friend’s wedding savings account.
    This is important and your wife will regret not being able to attend.
    child via pumping while he was in daycare- Sometimes it is absolutely necessary for the breastfeeding mother to work outside the home but just because it worked for you, doesn’t mean it would work for someone else.
    I think the man who posted this and his wife are trying to be Debt Beaters so that the wife doesn’t have to work and can be home with the children.
    Keep in mind too that I believe he posted that they have 3 children, which is a total handful.
    Some women have to work outside the home and others feel that they must do it for their own sanity and that is totally okay but I get the impression that if this woman doesn’t have to leave her children for a 40 hour work week, she would.
    for important…
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