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i skipped step 1hope this helps someone

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    I don’t know why I’m telling you this, because I feel very ashamed and am afraid you guys will either kick me out or really let me have it–both of which I probably deserve.
    But I have been paying off my debts very well for almost a solid year–no troubles.
    In fact my credit was horrible due to “stupid tax” involving co-signing for my niece and an at-the-limit credit card balance.
    Now it’s much better and I’ve even managed to get some of the companies to listen to me and they’ve lowered my interest.
    So for the most part I know I’m doing much better than others who, like me, just came off a chapter 7 and now are dealing with a “stupid tax” mark that will be on my report for 7 years.
    I don’t use plastic and balance my budget very well.
    But because everything was right at the limit I wanted to see results and I wanted to see them yesterday.
    I am on Disability and don’t own a house or car, so rationalized that I could put a little in savings but didn’t really need the $500 Dave recommends for those on Disability in step one.
    So yes I have a small savings but should have the full $500, because even though I’m doing okay for the most part, my computer is needing important emergency First Aid and I’m wondering how to fund this.
    My friend who is going to help me with the computer says just use plastic because it’s, as he puts it, “wrong” and “stupid” to save $500 when that $500 could be going to one of my high-interest debts.
    He has never seen the point of step one, and unfortunately I too was in such a hurry to see results that I put saving more on the back burner.
    There are so many things I did correctly–even saying no to going out to dinner so much with friends and waiting till I could afford something before impulse-buying it.
    But I feel very ashamed and mad at myself because I now see why step one is so important.
    I just hated these debts hanging over my head and I think a part of me wanted to show these bozos who were charging me 26 percent that I could be trusted so they’d lower this interest amount.
    I just had to tell others who are going through this program, and yes I do fear what your response will be.
    But I felt I should admit where I erred, and I know what I have to do to get on track.
    It’s going to delay my payoff but better to have emergency money saved than the alternative.



    don’t beat yourself up.  You did what you thought was best, and now you move forward.
      Get that savings and move forward, the past is the past.
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    Hugs.  I know that feeling.  We also depleted our emergency fund
    and haven’t replaced it yet.  Murphy keeps showing up.    Hang in there.  We can do this!!!  No need for the shame – look forward
    to the future and put one foot in front of the other :D  

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