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I learned something new today while out doing a mystery shop

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    I was out doing a mystery shop today and in my paperwork it mentioned a website the salesperson was suppose to mention to me.
    He didn’t, but I went and checked it out myself.
    It seems to be a helpful site if you are shopping for cell phones, gas or credit cards (yeah right we all want a credit card-not!) From what I can see on say cell phone coverage you put in what you spend a month, how many anytime minutes, how many lines etc.
    and it compares all the different companies to tell you what is the cheapest.
    I’ve played with it for our cell phone usage and it looks like I’m with the right company, but I need to change my plan to save a hunk a year.
    I’m going to check with my cell phone carrier and see if the website is correct.
    Anyway, because some lists don’t want you publishing websites on them I need to either get permission from the list owner OR you guys, if interested in checking it out for yourself, it’s a free site, e me off list and I’ll send it to you.
    Jan who is seeing a big savings IF everything is correct in OK



    I would like to know the site Suzy — Suzy Bullett SimplyFun Consultant [MOD EDIT: URL removed]

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