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    As you already know this last week was a wee bit stressful, as in terrifying.  Thankfully the medications are working well and dh’s pain is down to a manageable dull ache.  He used two vacation days this week for going to the doctor on Monday, and then when he was hurting too much to even get dressed in business attire on Thursday.    As there always is with such situations we had added expenses above the normal tight budget.  In “the good old days”  We would have handed over a credit card for the co-pay at the doctor’s office and pharmacy.  Instead I paid cash out of the grocery money for it.  Choosing to save our medical sinking fund cash for when the rest of the bills arrive.



    I know, I’m always so pre-occupied with such events when they are going on I never think to grab my phone and video it.
    Jan who says you should have seen the look on Jolie’s face in K

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