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Help with elderly and their bills

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    My husband’s Aunt and Uncle live near us.
    They never had any children and we have not been close because they choose to live a solitary life.
    They are now in poor health and we have been trying to help them get to and from the Dr.
    and with household chores.
    The situation is worsening and they refuse to even discuss assisted living care.
    They want to die at home.
    Today I found out they have not been taking their meds because they say they can’t afford them.
    They will not disclose all of their finances with us.
    We do know that they take in about 2000.00 a month in SS and therefore do not qualify for any assistance for meds in our state.
    They have AARP medicare supplemental insurance policy.
    My husband thinks they have a lot of credit card debt because he always uses a credit card for meds, groceries, Lowe’s etc.
    They have not agreed to power of attorney, even medical so we can’t find out much.
    Anyone else out there ever have this problem? How should we handle this? We don’t have any discretionary income as we have 2 kids in college.
    I don’t feel like we should pay for their meds if they have the income to do so.
    My husband thinks they should stop paying their credit card bills and buy them.
    He just can’t stand the thought of them going without meds or food, even if it means defaulting on legitimate debt.



    Hi,   1.  Is their house paid for? 2.  Have you discussed with their doctors their inability to pay for their prescriptions?   (S)He should be willing and able to provide alternatives at a cheaper cost, samples, and provide forms for them to go direct to the manufacturer and apply for their programs direct for drug assistance.   They should be eligible for Medicare Part D, Prescription Drug assistance.  Read about it here:[MOD EDIT: URL removed]



    I should have said that I work for the State Unit on Aging in Georgia when I just replied.   There is help there for your folks!  Where do you live Michelle?   Sharon H.
      [MOD EDIT: URL removed]

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