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    several years ago our mortgage was sold to Everhome.
     We had never heard of them before either.
     I wish I could say it was a good thing, but it hasn’t been.
     They are heartless.
     We’ve have issues with them saying they didn’t get our payments ontime.
     At first it was through their website that I was making the payment and I had to prove to them that is was deducted by them from my bank account BEFORE the due date.
     Then I stated to pay with my bill pay to them and again they tried to do it again.
     I had to go to my bank who proved to them that the payment was accepted by THEIR electronic system 7 days before the payment was due.
     They have been horrible.
    As for GreenTree, I’ve never heard of them before but I wonder what the 1049 complaints were for.
     Some people complain about nothing while others have very valid reasons.
     I wonder if the complaints were part of a class action suit? Good luck.
     If you have issues, it might be time to refinance if you are in a position to do so.
    Jenny My mortgage has been sold to GreenTree.
     I’ve never heard of them.
     I found 1049 complaints on Consumer Affair’s website.
     Anyone had dealings with them?  Sounds like bad news to me.
     5 years ago, I set my ING direct bill pay to pay Bank of America.
     Never skipped a beat.
     Now Capital One is sending payments to GreenTree.
     This can’t go well!
    Ashley in TN



    We have GreenTree as well, and so far customer service has been good.
    But we haven’t done anything out of the ordinary.
    Honestly, if BOA and others sold them as many as I figure they have, 1k doesn’t seem like many complaints, given today’s “sue the bank” atmosphere.

    I’ll certainly share if our experience changes.
    Jess in SC



    Thank you all for your input.
    Seems like the complaints are pretty legit and consistant.
    However, it’s good to read anything positive.
    Ashley in TN



    I’ve never heard of Greentree before.
    I just got notice a couple of days ago that my BOA mortgage has been sold as well.
    Can’t find the notice at the moment, but it isn’t the same company.
    I wonder if BOA has too MANY mortgages, and needs to streamline? Eldred — Can open – worms everywhere…

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