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    Has anyone here ever dealt with FEMA?  As you guys know my db’s home was one of those hit with a tornado about a month ago.  So far he’s had to file with FEMA 3 times, they keep “losing” his paperwork.  It wasn’t until Monday of this week he found out as a Viet Nam Era vet that he might be able to get a grant through the VA as well.    He had to take Monday off to refile his FEMA paperwork and they said then they’d send an inspector out right a way.  Great, it had already been a month since his first filing and with part of his roof missing and a hole in the other part every time it rains things are getting worse and he’s had to live in this mess.    He put in all his paperwork that he works nights and that any contact needed to be made by 1:00pm each day, but he also gave them my number as a back up number.  The gal called yesterday at 1:30pm and informed me unless she spoke to my brother at 9 today he would miss his chance.  She was to say the least a bit rude.
      So I stayed up until 3 am this morning to catch my brother as soon as he walked in the door from work to tell him this.  He stayed up and called her at 8 am, and she informed him she’d be there between 10 and 1 or maybe a little later and that if he wasn’t there toughies.  Nice lady.  So he took another vacation day.
      He just called, he says she “thinks” she can get him a pittance for a new roof, but not for all of it (remember he has no insurance) and maybe some hotel money until it is fixed.  She wasn’t sure about for the water damage since they’ve drug their feet so long.  What is most in his favor is his income level ($20,000 per year IF he gets decent overtime in).  She had no idea when they’d get back to him.
      Anyone ever been through this?  If so how long does it take?  If the rest of that over roof decides to give way the entire rest of the trailer could be destroyed, but he has no money to hire anyone to take it down or the skill to do it himself.  He can’t move out for the same financial reason.
      Has anyone got the VA grant he was told about on Monday, but can’t seem to get any answers from the VA on?   On another note, but the same stormy week.  Dbil still has not got a settlement on the car he lost when he ended up in that tree for hours.  So he and dsil have been without a vehicle for over a month now.  The insurance company is dragging their feet on that one too.
      Jan who is worried about her db and dbil in OK   Handmade greeting cards [MOD EDIT: URL removed]

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