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Feeling selfish

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    All the debt we have is from my husband’s business that I encouraged him for YEARS to get out off because we were losing money.
    I am the one that has always been the frugal one.
    He is now on board and for the most part is very good about finances and money.
    AND, he completely admits that all the debt is his fault and he is working his tail off (50-60hrs/wk) to earn as much money he can.
    Regardless, I feel selfish about me having to work more than I do now.
    I work 20hrs a week and another 5 hrs every other week(per diem).
    We have 2 DD, 7&10.
    Anyone else feel frustrated that they have to work so much? I don’t want to have a pity party, but I worked full time for years while he went back to school, twice, and never graduated.
    I also have worked my tail off to support us for years b/c he never made much money and spent all we had, plus.
    I never was able to stay home full time with my babies.
    Now, I am so tired as I work 2 10 hr days which wipe me out (I have a very physical job).
    I need the other days off for groceries, cleaning, and my extra day of work 2 times a month.
    Anyway, I offered to work more days, every Wednesday, but told my husband he needs to help out around the home more (currently does minimal work).
    Okay, I’m done venting.
    Just wondering if anyone else feels this way sometimes.
    Jennifer in MA

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