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Dog food question

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    So, is it ok to give your dog table scraps.  My dog eats everything.  I know not to give him chocolate and chicken bones, but anything else?  It saves on dog food, but is it ok? 



    That’s a big question, and the quickest answer is “it depends”.
     Very generally, raw meats are OK, cooked meats are OK but can cause some digestive upset.
     Cooked veggies are OK.
     Limited cooked grains are OK.
     Sauces, jams, fruits, dairy products, etc should only be fed sparingly if at all.
     Raw bones are OK but cooked bones can shatter and cause splintering.

    We have done raw homemade dog and cat food for years, and there are recipes you can follow which will provide complete nutrition for dogs or cats.
     Whether it’s cheaper or more expensive is something of a debate.
     Yes you can feed costco kibble (or the like) very economically, and that’s probably the single cheapest option unless you raise your own meat and veggies and feed your dogs/cats out of your own garden.
     But many folks claim that you eventually “pay the price” for cheap kibble, via higher vet bills.
     We saw our vet bills drop dramatically after switching over to homemade raw foods but it’s not something which I can measure and quantify.
     In essence, you get what you pay for.
     Garbage in, garbage out.

    Feel free to drop me a line off-list if you want more info.
    Kathryn Kerby

    Snohomish, WA

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