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Denying yourself small luxuries

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    My .02¢ worth Denying oneself of a modest luxury is going to hurt you in the end.
    Allow yourself to enjoy some token finer things.
    I hate with a passion store brand ice cream, so instead of buying a gallon of the icky stuff, we go to the ice cream shop and buy two small cones of the YUMMY stuff.
    We enjoy it, and are still $$ ahead not to mention the icky gallon isn’t loungeing around with a label on it that says “EAT ME” LOL…
    Free luxury razors? I would have taken them, they were a gift, enjoy them as such.
    Denying yourself will backfire…
    trust me! Leslie



    I have no problem denying myself things.  I actually enjoy the challenge.  It’s kind of like a game I play with myself.  I don’t need “rewards.”  I’m totally satisfied knowing that I overcame something out of pure will-power.  Giving up a free razor was nothing to me.  I try to look at the end result.  Especially now that I’m doing the the Wallet Doctor plan. I know myself well enough that I will buy it for a while until I beat myself up for paying such a ridiculous price for something that is not a “need” and that’s not worth it to me.  I’d rather go without the “free gift” (BTW, NOTHING IS FREE) and save myself the hassle later on.  This “free gift” would have caused ME temptation.  It may not have that effect on others, but for ME, it would have posed a problem.
      The only time I use “free samples” is when I order them through Walmart.com.  I use them for gift baskets
    as gifts for others, guests who visit us, or to see if there is something that could better serve my family.  I do buy quality products, but it HAS to be worth it’s weight in gold.  Otherwise, I’m going generic.  I’m also trying to turn our home and lifestyle around to be more self-sustaining, all-natural, organic, and eco-friendly so, I don’t order things unless they will be used because I don’t want to waste.  Using more natural products has saved me a ton of money!  I make my own cleaning supplies, beauty supplies, gifts, herbs, cotton, and more.    Just thought I’d make myself clear.  I don’t want to offend anyone or encourage anyone else to deprive themselves.  I was just stating what I have to do for ME.
    Melonie  Ready for the edge of your seat?

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