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Credit score help pls

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    The last time I had my credit score checked was about 3 years ago and it was over 800, which I heard is awesome! Just out of curiosity, I was wondering what it is now, but I don’t want to pay someone to find out.
    Is there a FREE service that anyone can tell me about? Marcy



    Is there a FREE service that anyone can tell me about? My Providian credit card is paid off, but they do offer your FICO score with their services, and it’s free.
    I still check mine, since I haven’t cancelled my card-but have NO plans of using it again! I am still learning about how empty cards work against you, and need to see about getting them cancelled.



    Dave says that you can get a free copy of your credit report yearly at: [MOD EDIT: URL removed]



    There were some notes about buying this way recently on this list.
    Here is an article I found.
    It seems like it may be a good way to improve ones credit score, but it pays to know what one is getting into.
    I don’t agree with everything Ramsey says, but I am sticking with cash to buy  & if that means saving to but it, then I will save.
        Consumers Zero INTEREST LOANS A zero-percent loan could be a great deal as long as you are careful to read the fine print and promptly pay off the loan.
    Otherwise, you could be inviting financial trouble.
    Here are some common pitfalls associated with zero-interest loans: The “0%” offer could come with a very high interest rate that kicks-in
    after the grace period.
    For instance, you could end up paying a loan interest of 21 percent after only six months at zero-percent interest.
    You could lose the zero-percent rate and be charged a penalty of back interest on the amount borrowed if you fail to make your scheduled payments when due.
    You may be required to make a large down payment to qualify.
    You may be required to repay the loan in a shorter period, such as 24 months.
    For vehicles, you may be required to pay the sticker price (“MSRP”) for your new car, rather than be able to negotiate a lower price.
    Another variation is “0%” financing offers.
    You’ve seen the promotions – buy now and get zero-percent financing so you can fill your living room immediately with furniture.  Or, take home that special birthday present of fine jewelry with zero-percent financing.
    Being able to get zero-percent financing means you would pay no interest for the entire term
    you are paying for the item you bought.
    So what’s the catch? Not all consumers will be able to take advantage of the special zero-percent offer.
    For many consumers, qualifying for zero-percent financing requires having impeccable credit and sometimes even for those who do qualify, the offer is restricted to a particular model, brand or style and with limited terms.
    Zero-percent financing generally applies to short-term financing which results in increasing the monthly payment so that the payment becomes unaffordable for some buyers.
    If you are thinking about zero-percent financing or have a contract with zero-percent financing, here are some things to think about: Do some homework.
    Compare prices and quality of the merchandise.
    Make sure you are getting the best possible price.
    Read the fine print.
    At some stores, zero interest may apply to certain products
    but not others – and for different periods.
    Merchants sometime require that the purchases to be placed on  the merchant’s credit card or that the buyer sign a financing agreement that could make you liable for finance charges back to the beginning of the contract if you fail to pay off the purchase in full by the end of the 0% time period.
    Be sure to read the sales agreement and make sure you understand and agree with all items before you sign.
    Confirm what the interest rate will be if you fail to pay off the balance in the allotted time Find out what kind of late fees the company charges.
    If you don’t think you will be able to pay off the balance before the higher rates begin, consider other financing options that may charge interest sooner, but at a lower interest rate.
    Consider delaying the purchase of items not necessary until you have saved enough money to cover all or a significant part of the purchase
      Ziggy has a girlfriend! :) Nola, The Mardi Gras Chihuahua   [MOD EDIT: URL removed]



    The annualcreditreport.com has been advertised nationally for some time now.  You can get a free credit report there, once a year.
    The only reason I’m mentioning it is because I logged on last week and got another one for free, even though I had already gotten one less than a year ago.  The only drawback is [MOD EDIT: URL removed]



    We have a very small living room so we decieded to replace our sofa with one  loveseat.
     I wanted to get a coffee table to go with it.
    I wasn’t crazy about the prices on the tables I saw.
    Some were so large too.
    I  decieded I would create my own.
    I was in Ross and saw some great mirrors.
    I though this might work for a table top.
    Found a small metal  base and I was set to create my own small coffee table for less than $30.00.
    The top of the base  is sort of like a tray so I filled that with paper mache pulp which is cheap and easy to make.
    Let that dry and then glued the bottom of the framed mirror onto it.
    To make sure it stays I applied strips of paper  criss crossing to make them secure.
    When dry I painted it black just like the back of the frame is.
    It is very sturdy and I like that it is different than many of the other coffee tables I looked at.
    I keep a little $1.00 candy dish I bought at a yard sale in the mirrored part.
    How’s than for bargains? This small table could also be used next to a chair with a small lamp on it.
      Anyone else have decorating ideas that don’t cost an arm and a leg? B Ziggy has a girlfriend! :) Nola, The Mardi Gras Chihuahua   [MOD EDIT: URL removed]



    Thank you Carol …
    I just printed off my report and found that I still had open cc accounts from ’85…
    whoa! (zero balance) I guess if you haven’t printed your credit report in a while, it would be a good idea to see what on there! Thanks AGAIN!! Marcy credit report.
    The FICO score costs $7.95 extra, but the credit report itself is free.
    Is there a FREE service that anyone can tell me about?



    Very Cute!!   Cyndi R



    I agree with the previous post about credit score.
    This has been a recent topic of conversation upon our circle of friends.  My dh is an insurance agent and many companies base premiums on credit score so it is still something to keep in mind even after it has been paid off.  Also, most of our friends have had credit screenings upon starting new jobs. 

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