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Braces what to do

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    My son is getting Braces on Tuesday.  Our insurance pays $2000 our out of pocket is $2800.  We can pay this 2 ways.
    1.  Up front we get a 10% cut, but if we did this it would be on a credit card.
    2.  payment plan, 20% down $580 and then $93.33 a month.  Not for sure we have $580 to put down right away.
    What should I do?  My husband is working side jobs and making extra money so I think we will be able to start paying it down quickly but not sure if putting it on a credit card should be an option.? Thanks Stacy



    That’s your opinion but my opinion is get the braces no matter what.
    My insurance paid a large sum of the cost & I made monthly payments ($75) for 1 year.
    It was money well spent & I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
    If we show our children that we will go into debt for appearances, what kind of message are we sending them? Now, I will get the braces and the acne treatments – don’t misunderstand – but only if we can afford it in cash.
    That savings might come to the top of list in importance.
    But their true heritage is a life of freedom.  When we needed a flute for school, we could have run out and made the monthly payments of slavery – but our family chose to come together and pay cash.
    I think that lesson was priceless.
    That’s self-esteem, when everyone pitches in to care.
        Sent from my iPod I agree.
    Even if they are for cosmetic reasons only I say go for it.
    If you don’t it could affect your childs self esteem for years. A beautiful smile is priceless.  Make payment arrangements if possible.
    Yes it really depends on what the braces are for.  If they’re a NEED and not so much a cosmetic thing sometimes time is of the necessity.  My grandson is 7.  He just got braces on some of his teeth.  We had two opinions one coming from a good long time friend dentist and then the orthodontist.   He had already been diagnosied by his peds dentist with a major jaw defect where his bottom teeth jut out over the tops.  In doing the braces early they’re able to actually move the skeletal structure (I think that’s how they explained it) must easier than when they’re older and much more painful treatment.  After wearing the braces only 2 months he’s almost ready to have the bottom appliance removed already.   Somtimes it really is a need.

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