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Bank Fees

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    I received this information 3rd hand today, but does anyone have any information on banks raising their fees due to gov’t regulations? My friend was under the impression that all major banks would be charging $10 per account, per month in a fee.
    Plus a bunch of other little fees here and there.



    The only thing I have heard in my mystery shops is that certain fees are now not allowed due to the new government regulations, therefore the banks are finding new fees they can legally charge.    Examples:  1.
           Previously free checks on free senior citizens checking no longer exist—try $20 or so for 200 checks.  2.
           Free coin counting, only one bank I know of in the Tulsa area still does this, all the others now charge as much as 10% for the service, even if you have already rolled it!!! 3.
           Some banks (some BOA) are talking about charging for you to interact with a teller! Their logic is since they can’t charge all the extras they’ve racked up in the past with overdraft stacking they’ll make it up other ways.
      Jan who is pulling accounts out of banks that have recently added a lot of fees that were previously free items in OK   BOOKS: [MOD EDIT: URL removed]



    The only thing I know of is that our bank is now charging shipping on checks.
    We still get the checks free due to having a mortgage but we now must pay $5 in shipping for a single box is “wallet” style checks.
    Seems high to me.
    I haven’t heard anyting about other fees and the teller supervisor where I bank most often is a personal friend.
    I think she would have said something by now.
    We see each other several times a week.
    Blessings, Cindy



    Ok, that would officially SUCK.
    BOA charges my business account a fee because it’s under a certain balance.
    I don’t remember what that limit is.
    But none of my other accounts are charged(yet).
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