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Hey there, I’m The Wallet Doctor!

What We’re About

Helping people when it comes to financial matters. Be it help getting out of debt, financing your future with a loan, extending your credit, finding the best insurance, or simply getting the best value for money with discount coupons.

The Wallet Doctor

We don’t provide any financial services, but if you want we can pass your details to a licensed third-party to help with your enquiries. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.
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We Understand Your Needs

When your wallet flat-lines trouble isn’t far behind. We know that you want clear and concise advice, with access to services that meet your needs and that’s exactly what we’ve tried to achieve. Everything required to defibrillate your finances back into life!

John Goldman

Author & Editor
I am the main writer for The Wallet Doctor, a website providing money-saving help and debt advice.

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